Wash City Laundry proudly offers its wash and fold service to walk-in customers and commercial businesses! Feel free to ask about a consultation or estimate regarding your specific needs at any time. With decades of knowledge and experience in cleaning clothes, our staff will provide you with the best information and options.

Walk-In Service
Wash City Laundry Empty Front DeskOur wash and fold service is one of our top specialties. It’s a fast and convenient way for you to deal with your laundry. Just drop off your clothes and we’ll do it all for you; no more waiting on washers and dryers.





Commercial Services
Commercial Service LaundromatWhen it comes to commercial business services, we provide the same personal attention and care that we provide to any of our other walk-in customers. No order is too large or too small for us to handle. With our monster load machines, we can take on pretty much any volume to suit the needs of most businesses.