About Us

Wash City Today
Irene Lee (left) and Sangwook Lee (right).Located just south of the Auraria campus and the Colorado Convention Center, Wash City Laundry of Denver continues to serve the Laundromat needs of Denver since 2004. In April 2013, Irene and Sangwook Lee acquired Wash City Laundry of Denver and refocused the business around maximizing positive customer experience. Irene and Sangwook previously owned and operated a very successful dry cleaning business in Denver for over 20 years, making them top local experts in their profession.

Wash City Aspirations
In the past, Wash City Laundry prided itself in its coinless operation with top quality, modern equipment. We aim to take this Laundromat to the next level by continuously improving its operational concept and policies. Wash City Laundry is mainly shifting its attention towards walk-in customer satisfaction and commercial services for local businesses. Our philosophy is simple: Provide the best customer experience possible by way of cleanliness, convenience, and value.

Wash City Origin
Wash City Laundry of Denver opened in 2004 as part of a major Laundromat chain. The original owners took pride in having a Laundromat facility with high quality, modern equipment. After a few years, the Wash City Laundry chain was sold off in pieces to independent business owners – many of whom decided to retain the Wash City Laundry name.